This is a work in progress, intended to give the english speaking adequate information about “Lowcarbing the Swedish Way”, Low Carb High Fat, that is electronic cigarettes uk LCHF.

Low Carb High Fat diet is a fantastic lifestyle if you want to reduce weight and also to maintain a healthy body.

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  1. Low Carb is not a diet. With Low Carb, you can eat as much as you find sifficent to feel really good. With LC you will never feel hunger, as long you stick to Zoro Carb.
    Zero Carb is a lifestyle where you will get a new body, healty and unbelievable wonderful.
    An extra surplus is that you are loosing weight. Your body will find the right weight for you, automatically. This will keep you in a good condition for the rest of your lifetime.
    And many diseases will leave your body.
    Unbelievable ?
    All this without medicine !
    Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food.
    Very simple indeed !
    All you have to do is to eat absolute NO carb. If you gett to slim, eat a little carb.
    Your future food is proteines, which means, meat, fish, poultry, eggs, also bacon and lots of fats.
    Cream, cheese, butter.
    And lots of vegetables, grown over the ground.
    When your body contains no carb, read sugar, your liver will produce “sugar ” from the surplus og fat in your body, and you will loose weight, starting a new life.
    Interested in more information?
    Please write to svendloevstad@yahoo.dk

  2. Good start for your website. Did you know that Dr. Jan Kwasniewski Poland also started LCHF in the 60s ? In Poland there are several health clinics, Arkadia, who help people recovering from all kind of diseases with his LCHF diet, called Optimal Nutrition. Dr. Jan Kwasniewski wrote several books, starting with Homo Optimus. It is very sad that this man, who has healed many people, over 2 million, is not recognized for it. Dr. Jan Kwasniewski let you eat some carbs, max 50g and prefers pork meats above beef, which is low in fat.
    To day whe have the Swedish doctor Andreas Eenfeldt, who has started the Food Revolution in Sweden. And ofcourse there are more example’s in the last 2 decades. Also Atkins is about the same.


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