Yes is for sale

Every now and then we get the question if the domain is for sale. The answer is yes, but we do not let it go for peanuts.

Our main business plan is to expand and exploit LCHF, LowCarbHighFat on the international market using this domain. We have already done it in Sweden with with 8 million people. Now it’s time for England, USA, HongKong, Australia etc, all English Speaking countries that would be able to benefit from our services and information about the Low Card High Fat Scandinavian revolutionary diet. In Sweden we make about 15 000 EUR a month on the site. People paying about 10 USD a month to participate. Imagine what could be made in the US with 320 million people. Or England..
We have the expertise of LCHF from Sweden. We were part of the original founders of LCHF. The very name LowCarbHighFat “LCHF” was founded by one of our guys back in 2007. (Mats Forsenberg)
Anyway, so far we have exploited this. We are looking for a partner with the funding needed to execute such a business plan on the international market.
I think the time for that is coming now. Sweden were very early on LCHF but now the world is following. I think it is happening as we speak.
When the real shit hits the fan, LCHF will go bananas all over the world.
Think about all you can help or even cure with the LCHF diet. I always say, if LCHF would be a pill, it would be worth billions of dollars. Now, it’s not. It is new science, new knowledge often about old knowledge, freedom of speech and the Internet thad made LCHF possible. It took many years. The truth about fat would never have been out there if it were not for those parameters. In Sweden, with the knowledge about fats from pioneer Ulf Ravnskov and he’s book The Cholesterol Myths and Lars-Erik Litsfeldt and he’s book “Fettskrämd” (Scared of fats).
Fettskrämd - Scared Of Fats
Scared of Fats, Diabetes Not, Diabetes No Thanks, Eat fat food, LCHF for the next generation and LCHF in 14 days are all books we possess the international distribution rights and is aimed to be translated to English and released on large markets asap.
If you make this right, there will be millions and millions of Dollars or Euros to make on this domain, business and books.
However, so far we have not found our partner and investor into this international business. If we sell the domains, this would be also the end of our business plan.
We get some money and thats it.
So, we have really no reason to sell the domains unless we get a substantial amount of money for it. Even better, a smaller amount first and then a larger share in the new business, the business we have foreseen for years.
If the setup is right, we can provide with more than just the domain.
Therefore, the price for this domain starts at 50 000 EUR. You are welcome to give us a bid.
If you are interested in us, our domains, books etc on LCHF please contact CEO Paul Wisén,   (Please remove the 9, its for spam protection)